Job Description:
NewSoftwares.Net is a US based shareware company looking for excellent software engineers with C / C++ (VC++, Win32, MFC) skills to come and join our organization and prove themselves by shoving back the boundaries of computer security including data protection, encryption, file system, internet and network security.

We require at least 1 year experience in developing desktop/internet application, Windows programming and good use of APIs unlike database programming.

How to Apply:
Send your CVs at:
or call 021-34328876, Inc. is a US based internet company operating from Karachi, Pakistan, with more than 8 years in business and consumer history. We are a shareware and software export company with clients in more than 80 countries of the world.Our company is involved in the development of Security, Data Encryption, Kernel level file/folder locking, Privacy related software programs. If you want to enhance your skills in this ever increasing demand in Windows Security Software production (the best demand of skills Microsoft needs at this time), then you would learn a lot.

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