Job Description:
* Inspect initial layout, submitted by the Contractor / Architect as case may be, to confirm that the layout meets the operational requirements and that the same is in accordance with the Bank’s standard design parameters & criteria of CRBG.
* Finalize layout after consultation with Head Engineering Cell.
* Coordinate with the Contractor / Architect to prepare detail working drawings and BOQ.
* Ensure the specifications & quantities in accordance with the standards.
* Compare and controlling the cost of project with standards.
* Open all bids at the stipulated time and place.
* Record the name of the bidder, the bid price, and total amount of each bid, discounts and withdrawals will be read aloud and recorded when opened.

Following the bid opening, conducting a preliminary examination of the bids along with the concerned Architect who will ascertain whether;

* material errors in compilation have been made in the bids,
* the bids are substantially responsive to the bidding documents,
* the documents have been properly signed, and
* the bids are otherwise generally in order.

* Evaluate cost of furniture, split units and other such items as per requirement and according to the drawings at Bank’s standard approved rates.
* Ensure that the amount of bonds / guarantee provided by the insurance companies is within the party limit allocated by the Bank.
* Ensure that validity of Performance Bond and Mobilization Advance Bond are and should always be effective.
* Ensure effective mobilization at site within the time allocated.
* Verify the measurements at site.
* Process bills of Architect fee and vendors.
* Maintain close liaison with concerned stake holders such as Branch Managers, Architect, Contractors & vendors during works.
* In case of construction projects maintain liaison with approving authorities / agencies / ex-owners.
* Maintain files / records of the projects.
* Co-ordinate with auditors during auditing and provide information as desired.

Skills Required:

* Knowledge and expertise in construction/renovation projects.
* Updated/familiarized with the latest equipment and technological changes.

Job Location:
Karachi, Lahore, Multan, Rawalpindi

How To Apply:

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