Job Description:
We are looking for fresh programmers with fast learning curves, flexible attitude and a mind that is ready to accept challenges. We don’t require you to have supreme command over any particular programming language. All we need from you is strong love for programming and a thirst for knowledge, of course with solid concepts of programming and database.


* Must possess excellent programming & analytical skills
* Must have good database concepts
* Must have at least 2.8 GPA (we don’t care much about GPA, as long as you have talent)
* Good communication skills in English language
* Flexible attitude and a knowledge-thirsty mind

We are a newly established company ambitious and with ample opportunities to grow, so provided you are talented and have the right attitude, there is a lot of potential for growth. Our ideal candidate would be a brilliant programmer who is in his/her last semester of degree completion. We’d be initially requiring only 4 to 5 work hours per day from you. We are located in Faisal Town Lahore, so please self-assess your availability before applying.

With a large collective web development skill set, we are going to train you and involve you in the latest technologies in use.

How to Apply:
Please make sure that your resume mentions short descriptions of your student (and commercial, if any) projects. Attach it/them in an email with a nice cover letter (please write your own text to allow us to judge your communication skills), and send it to careers@goodlogics. com.

Please remember that this job posting is only for fresh IT/CS graduates.

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