Job Description:
This role will have complete responsibility for the quality, accuracy and sustainability of the assigned software development. In addition, it is the responsibility of this role to ensure that all assigned work is performed within the agreed constraints. The development work is likely to involve some customer interaction. In such cases it will be the responsibility of this role to build relationships with the customers in order to provide clear, responsive and timely products and services.

Key Duties:

This role assumes the following key duties:

* Provide software estimates that accurately reflect the size and resources required of requested developments.
* Undertake requirement capture activities to elicit requirements that accurately reflect the need of end users.
* Undertake requirement analysis to provide initial software requirements that provide sufficient detail to allow ongoing development.
* Undertake design activities to develop sustainable software designs that can be communicated to other team members.
* Implement software designs, taking into consideration company and industry best practices.
* Design and implement comprehensive tests, taking into Consideration Company and industry best practices.
* Design & implement Customer Acceptance tests, taking into consideration customer imposed, company and industry standards.
* Ensure that all work adheres to company standards.
* Assist the technical team lead in enhancing process and procedure to further process improvement inline with industry best practice.
* Act as a role model for more junior members, providing technical guidance and the benefit of experience in assisting them to gain their objectives.
* Provide periodic, accurate progress reports to Project Managers and Technical Team Leads.
* Present a professional and focused interface to ensure clarity of communication in support of business objectives.
* It is essential to have experience of using development environments.
* It is essential to have a good understanding and practice of Configuration management technique and tools.
* It is essential to have a good understanding and practice of development tools that assist quality and performance of development activities.
* Practical experience of technologies including (.Net, Visual studio.Net (C#), ASP, ASP.NET, VB Script, HTML, XML, XSL, JavaScript, SQL Server (SQL, TSQL), Crystal Reports (.Net Version and Others))
* Very good in making Installers in Visual Studio.Net
* Experience of conducting Conference Call session independently
* Capable of conducting extensive R&D on existing/new technologies
* Sound knowledge of Software Engineering principles and methodologies i.e. well  familiar with processes in all stages of software development life cycle
* Ability to think out-of-the-box and take initiatives
* Highly Agile/dynamic project with no documented requirements.
* Able to understand the requirements during the con call sessions/propose solutions and participate in technical decisions.


* Strong communication skills, both written and verbal.
* Able to establish strong working relationship at appropriate levels of seniority.
* Ability to learn and develop new technology and development skills.
* Well organized.
* Strong problem solving skills that provide flexible and well considered solutions.

How to Apply:


Ph: 2875402

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