Job Description:
We require a 3d artist who is located in karachi to work with us on a project. The skills set that we require:
1) Skilled in 3d studio max. You have to use 3d studio max, because we have our own script to export meshes from max to the game. You must be skilled in using uv space efficiently, and must know how to light map (texture bake) levels.
2) Skilled in photoshop. To manipulate and/or create textures, you need to be efficient with photoshop. You must also understand how to make textures seamless.
3) Should be able to deliver under fixed deadlines. No one likes to delay projects without reason, so its to the advantage for both of us if you finish the work in a reasonable time frame.
4) Its to your advantage if you have worked on mobile games or even games in the past.
5) You must love games.
We are very dedicated to the work we do, so we want people who can give their entire concentration during the hours they are with us.
Why should you work with us?
1) We don’t focus on local markets, we are releasing our title world wide on several phones and are trying to fight with global competitors. So you are going to receive very wide exposure.
2) Opportunities. We believe in smart skilled people, if we like your work and our game sells well, we can guarantee continuing work opportunities.
3) We believe, that if your good work has contributed to good sales then you shall receive accordingly. The better you work, the better the game sells, and the more you earn.
4) Learning the art of games. We have communicated and worked with other artists in the past, and so have picked up several tricks that other artists do to optimize their game art. Working on this game puts a shiny game artist badge on your resume, if its not already there.
5) A very comfortable environment for you to relax and work in. We have an office in dha phase 6, where you have to come for at least 3 hours, 6 days a week. But you can stay there as long as you wish, we give you a high end machine to play around and work in and an air conditioned office. The catch is that we go to such lengths for your comfort, but you have to finish the work under fixed deadlines. We do not tolerate people who lag behind deadlines.
At times, organization decisions can affect the hiring speed of the position you applied for. So you need to remain positive and wait patiently for their decision. If you are shortlisted, the employer will update your application status or contact you directly to arrange for an interview. Therefore, check your email regularly and make sure your contact details are up-to-date.
To Apply:

Ill repeat if you skimmed through my post, we have an office in dha phase 6 (near the village seaview), where you have to come for at least 3 hours, 6 days a week. If this offer interests you, drop me a mail at umar at:
Faber Nitor, Karachi.
Tel: // Email:

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