Transsion Tecno Electronics (Pvt) Ltd is located in the vibrant city of Karachi, Sindh and they have announced Transsion Tecno Electronics Job QMS Engineer. The company stands tall as a leading multinational smartphone manufacturing entity, shaping the future of technology with a touch of human ingenuity. In the heart of the bustling hub of appliances, electrical, and electronics manufacturing, we have carved a niche for ourselves through our commitment to quality, innovation, and customer satisfaction.

Transsion Tecno Electronics Job QMS Engineer

At Transsion Tecno Electronics, we are not just manufacturing smartphones; we are crafting experiences. Every device that rolls out of our state-of-the-art facility with the help of dedicated teams of engineers. Our team of dedicated professionals, passionate for advancement, are pushing the boundaries of what is possible in the world of smartphones.

The engineers at Transition Techno are providing users with devices that seamlessly blend style, functionality, and performance. The company continue to redefine industry standards, making a mark globally.

Job Description:

Transsion Tecno Electronics Pvt Limited in Karachi is searching for a skilled QMS Engineer. If you have a BE degree in Electronics, Industrial majors, or equivalent, along with 1 to 2 years of experience in QMS, QA, QC, or IM, Transsion Tecno Electronics Job QMS Engineer is for you!

Your role involves shaping our quality processes. You will establish and maintain the company’s ISO system, ensuring it runs smoothly. Your responsibilities include planning annual audits and overseeing internal and on-site audits. You'll work closely with the team lead, assisting in system certification requirements.

Additionally, you'll coordinate third-party and customer audits, focusing on enhancing our processes. Tracking non-conformities and ensuring their improvement will be crucial. You will also oversee QMS training, ensuring our staff is well-versed in quality standards.

Moreover, you'll handle special improvement projects as per company requirements. Keeping an eye on feedback, you'll maintain records of complaints received through our suggestion box, ensuring each concern is addressed promptly and efficiently.


Here are the requirements for Transsion Tecno Electronics Job QMS Engineer:

  1. BE in Electronics, Industrial majors, or equivalent degree required.
  2. 1-2 years in QMS, QA, QC, or IM fields.
  3. Strong understanding of ISO system implementation and certification requirements.
  4. Ability to plan and organize internal, on-site, third-party, and customer audits.
  5. Track and improve non-conformities efficiently to enhance processes.
  6. Experience in arranging QMS training sessions and maintaining training records.
  7. Capable of planning and implementing special improvement projects as per company needs.
  8. Strong communication skills to handle complaints through suggestion box effectively.
  9. Ensure adherence to quality standards and maintain meticulous records.

Career Growth

In this role, you'll find more than just a job – it's a pathway to personal growth and professional fulfillment. Starting a career at this company means diving into a world where your skills truly matter. You'll gain hands-on experience in quality systems, making a real impact every day. Beyond that, it's a chance to broaden your expertise, learn from a diverse team and be part of a company that values your unique perspective.

The benefits extend beyond the workplace, offering a work-life balance is a way to excel both professionally and personally. Plus, there's a sense of pride in contributing to a company dedicated to high standards and customer satisfaction. You'll find a supportive environment where your ideas are heard, with a sense of belonging and accomplishment. This is an opportunity to build a fulfilling career filled with continuous learning and meaningful connections.

Interested to join?

If you're ready to contribute your expertise to a dynamic team and be a part of our quality journey, apply now at Transsion Tecno Electronics Job QMS Engineer. Transition Techno values your skills and dedication. Please share your CVs at with the Subject line “QMS Engineer” before 10th Nov 2023.

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