Sapphire Chemicals is actively searching for an a Sapphire Chemicals Process Engineer to join their team. As a Process Engineer, you will play a pivotal role in the establishment of an advanced Soda Ash production facility, contributing to the project's design, planning, and execution, from initial concept to commissioning and ongoing operations.

Sapphire Chemicals Process Engineer

Qualifications and Educational Requirements:

1.      Hold a Bachelor's degree in Chemical Engineering.

2.     Possess 3-5 years of hands-on experience in project execution.

3.     Six Sigma and process optimization knowledge is must

4.    Boast extensive experience in design and project management.

5.     Display proficiency in HYSIS, ASPEN, and MS Excel.

6.    Demonstrate experience in design, procurement, installation, construction, commissioning, and validation.

7.     Be familiar with contractor and construction management processes.

Primary Responsibilities:

As a Sapphire Chemicals Process Engineer, you will be responsible for:

1.      Assess project requirements and assess contractor proposals.

2.     Ensure their alignment with project goals and prescribed standards.

3.     Monitor the progress of the all the dealines of the project including scheduling and execution.

4.    Review all the design and make sure that all phases of project design and execution are set.

5.     Be aware of specifications, data sheets, and requisitions to ensure compliance with project requirements.

6.    Guarantee the timely delivery of materials to the designated site.

7.     Establish liaison with governmental departments.

8.    Oversee the hydro testing of pipelines.

9.    Troubleshoot and resolve technical issues.

Last Date to Apply: November 20, 2023

Application Procedure:

Candidates, who are interested in Sapphire Chemicals Process Engineer, are invited to submit their updated resumes by the 20th of November 2023, using the subject line "Process Engineer," to