Assistant Engineer Job in Techno Electronics is posted on company's career portal as the company is seeking qualified individuals to join their team as an Assistant Engineer based in Karachi.

Job Opening: Assistant Engineer Position

Transsion TecnoElectronics Pvt Limited is currently accepting applications for the position of Assistant Engineer. For Assistant Engineer Job in Techno Electronics, one must have the following qualifications:

1.      BE (Majors- Industrial & Manufacturing Engineering, Electronics, Electrical, Mechanical, Mechatronics) or Equivalent

2.     2 to 3 years in a relevant field

Assistant Engineer Job in Techno Electronics

What will be the Potential Employee do?

As an Assistant Engineer at Transsion Tecno Electronics, you will be an integral part of their dynamic team. Here's what the role entails:


Assistant Engineer Job in Techno Electronics

  1. Assist in equipment maintenance and routine repairs.
  2. Provide training and guidance to production staff.
  3. Investigate and resolve production issues with root cause analysis.
  4. Analyze production data and generate performance reports.
  5. Monitor and maintain daily production activities and schedules.
  6. Collaborate on process improvements to enhance efficiency.
  7. Maintain detailed records and documentation for compliance.
  8. Support engineering projects related to production.
  9. Enforce safety protocols and conduct safety audits.
  10. Work closely with cross-functional teams to address operational challenges.
  11. Implement quality control procedures to ensure product consistency.
  12. Contribute to cost control by optimizing processes.

Last Date: December 10, 2023

Location: Karachi

Procedure for Applicants:

To apply for the Assistant Engineer position, please send your CVs to with the Subject line "Assistant Engineer" before 10th December 2023. Join Transsion Tecno Electronics Pvt Limited and be a part of a dynamic team driving excellence in the field.