Style Textile Graduate Trainee Positions are available online for young engineering professionals. Style Textile, a global powerhouse in textile and apparel manufacturing, boasts a vertically integrated supply chain stretching from greige fabric to finished apparel. They have firmly established themselves as one of the world's leading players in the industry because of their quality and innovation.

Style Textile Graduate Trainee Positions

Style Textile Graduate Trainee Positions 2024:

Style Textile is thrilled to introduce its Graduate Trainee Program in Lahore, offering 15 positions in the following fields:

1. Chemical Engineering

For those with a BSc in Chemical Engineering, Style Textile provides an opportunity to delve into the intricate processes of their manufacturing, contributing to the production of high-quality textiles and apparel.

2. Electrical Engineering

Graduates with a BSc in Electrical Engineering can explore the world of electrical systems at Style Textile, contributing their expertise to ensure seamless operations in the manufacturing process.

3. Mechanical Engineering

Aspiring Mechanical Engineers can embark on a rewarding journey with Style Textile, contributing to the efficiency of machinery and processes in the production of textiles and apparel.

4. Textile Engineering

With a focus on the very heart of the industry, Textile Engineering graduates can join Style Textile to gain hands-on experience in the various stages of textile production, from raw materials to the final product.

5. Mathematics and Statistics

For those with a background in Mathematics and Statistics, Style Textile offers a unique opportunity to apply analytical skills in areas such as quality control, process optimization, and data analysis within the textile manufacturing context.

Last Date to Apply: December 19, 2023.

Location: The program is based in Lahore, providing an exciting opportunity to be part of Style Textile's operations in a vibrant city.

How to Submit Application?

To apply for the Graduate Trainee Program at Style Textile, interested candidates can visit this link for detailed information and submission of applications. 

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Be sure to submit your application before the deadline on December 19, 2023, and seize the chance to kickstart your career in the dynamic world of textile and apparel manufacturing with Style Textile in Lahore.